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Handmade dummy clips

Personalised dummy clips & teething rings MAM adapters for clips available

Attaching a dummy clip

How to attach a dummy clip

In the picture you will see how to attach a dummy clip to a dummy.  If you require a MAM adaptor for a MAM dummy there is an option  to tick yes/no.

Dummies, sometimes called pacifiers, are a great way to soothe and comfort your child. But it’s so easy for your baby to drop theirs on the floor. This is particularly annoying when it happens when you are out and about at the supermarket or high street and you have to keep replacing dummies!

That’s why getting a dummy clip is such a great idea. No more having to continuously sterilise dummies every time they take a tumble onto the floor. Simply attach a dummy clip and affix it to your child’s clothing. No more dirty or lost dummies!